Dr. Labella Ampoule Intensive Whitening Glutathione Serum 30ML

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Dr.labella Intensive Whitening Program Ampoule

Skin Safety Tested. Skin Tone Improvement Clinically Tested. 


Achieve feeling of softness and cushion like touch. Helps your skin to become whiter. It gives moist sleek and elegant skin appearance. Helps hydrate and regulate skin moisture preventing your skin to look dull, dry, and tired. 



Effective in skin whitening and with its anti-wrinkle effect, your skin will have improved texture and you'll achieve a younger look. 



After washing face, use lotion first, then apply on skin with dropper, then tap skin to fully absorb.


Other Features

Dr Labella's glutathione infused Ampoule has a synergy effect with activator, for multiplied whitening and anti wrinkle effects Similar qualities as Activator:

- Intensive whitening and brightening effects from glutathione and niacinamide (certified as specialized whitening cosmetic product from CFDA and KFDA)

- Deep bleaching system: cuts melanin, allowing skin to whiten from beneath the skin. This is done through Platolwhite-C (Patent number 10-0441596 cosmetic use compound comprised of plant extracts for whitening and cell proliferation effects) which helps cut melanin and increase skin elasticity

- Intensive anti wrinkle and skin elasticity effects (certified as specialized for its skin elasticity properties by CFDA and KFDA)

- CFDA approved as specialized after one year of rigorous and strict testing

- Unlike other whitening products that are usually drying, Dr Labella Ampoule has excellent moisturizing effects with Aquaxyl

- With white tea extract, it also has antioxidant effects

- Absorbs very rapidly



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