Dr. Select

DR. SELECT 300000 Placenta Drink 胎盘素果冻酵素燕窝胶原蛋白口服液

  • Smart Pack 15ml x 30pcs Japan 
  • Main component is a high concentration of raw placenta derived from selected pigs
  • 71 kinds of blending the plant enzyme that was aged and fermentation the wild grass, vegetables, fruits, grains, mushrooms, seaweed etc.
  • Aging care formulated with trans-resveratrol


placenta extract, fermented vegetable extract (71 types), trans-resveratrol, the swallow's nest, collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, proteoglycans, blending fruit ceramide

How to Intake:

Please drink (1 capsule) 15 ml/day. The drink could also be diluted.


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