D.UP Smart Mini Brush Mascara D.UP 四种新款不晕染睫毛膏

  • Finest "long and separate" mascara to make super-long beautiful thick eyelashes.
  • Perfectly coats every eyelash. Never clumps, never smudges.
  • Ultrafine easy-to-use brush can cover up all short and thin eyelashes. It's also good for lower eyelashes and corner of the eyes.
  • 如果你追求自然,那么这个睫毛膏真的是最佳选择!根根分明,绝对不会结块,刷头上的毛须很好的帮你把眼角眼尾的小碎睫毛带到,刷完就和刚买的日系假睫毛的一样,不晕染,温水可卸,优秀~


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