E-Standard 伊势丹

E Standard Hair Treatment Cuticle Nutrition Damask Rose 250ml 伊诗丹德 修复毛鳞片玫瑰精油护发素 250ml


Recommended for those with high damage levels and those who want gloss and shine on their hair. Hair protection and moisturizing ingredients stay on the surface of the hair and protect it. You can expect the effect of preparing cuticles and preventing the outflow of nutrients in hair. If you have a particularly high damage level, please use it in combination with "Hair Serum", "Treatment Medula Nutrition" and "Hair Oil".

Damask rose, which is expected to have a beauty effect that brings firmness and moisture to the skin and an effect that stabilizes female hormones, creates beautiful and rich hair, which is one of the important attractions of women.


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