E-Standard 伊势丹

E Standard Scalp Hair Shampoo Scalp 250ml 伊诗丹德 头皮护理无硅洗发水 250ml


A shampoo that provides excellent moisture and aging care. Removes stains on the scalp and pores, and removes unpleasant odors. 

It is said that the hair receives more UV rays than the face because the UV rays directly pour from the top of the hair, compared to the face where the irregularly reflected light strikes from the side. That's why I want to switch to shampoo and conditioner even at this time. Carefully selected <Aveda>, which has a series for hair that is damaged by drying by ultraviolet rays, and <Good Standard>, which aims to care for the scalp for beautiful hair. Aiming for shiny hair, by all means from now on!


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