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EARTH Chem Pirepala Insect Repellent Mothballs (Floral) 48pcs/Pack 地球制药 多用途防虫除臭除湿剂 花香皂香味 48包


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EARTH Chem Pirepala Insect Repellent Mothballs

Earth Chem Insect Repellent Mothball Packets were specially developed to provide the unsurpassed protection of mothballs without the harsh smell and messy residue. Earth Chem Mothball Packets combines one of the most effective mothproofing ingredients available with a fresh scent to create a hard-working mothball that actually smells good. These fresh-smelling mothballs are enclosed in breathable paper packets that allow the active ingredient to work while protecting your valuable belongings from insect damage.

All Earth Chem products are EPA approved and provide the only sure method of killing destructive moths, moth eggs and larvae. Earth Chem Insect Repellent, Mothballs, Flakes and Crystals are ideal to use for long-term or seasonal storage of your valuable clothing and other household items storage areas such as drawers, chests and trunks. Earth Chem Moth Preventives penetrate every fold and crease of stored items ensuring worry free moth protection.

Kills clothes moths and carpet beetles and their eggs and larvae Enclosed in individual breathable paper packets Ideal to use in flat storage areas such as chests and drawers Deodorant plus

approximately 12 months usage


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