EISHIN Diet Maru 10PCS 日本荣进制药 消水丸


DietMaru is naturally sweet and sour taste, is made from natural herbs which help to regulate the body. Improve the body metabolism and help the body to repel edema.

***All ingredients are natural and have no side effects***

Endorse by celebrity & beauty shows. Feedback from consumers are very positive and product is very effective.

Features Of Product Improve facial edema, create a beautiful little V face. Improves skin condition, make skin more tender and improve elasticity. Improve body's shape, repel edema and tighten the skin to make it firm and smooth. Enriched with plant enzymes, corn extracts, and coix seed extracts to reduce edema. Improve metabolism and blood circulation and remove excess water & waste from the body. Easy to bring along to anywhere you travel. No restrictions, take it at any time of the day.

How to Use it?

Drink 1 sachet of Diet Maru 消水丸 everyday for 30 Days to reduce the edema issues. To see more significant result Drink 2 Diet Maru 消水丸 everyday, the improvement on the edema issue will be better. It is more delicious if you chill it in the refrigerator. You will enjoy it.

Ingredients: Vinegar, dried corn silk extract, cotton barley extract, fermented plant extract / thickener (processed starch), pH adjuster, calcium lactate, sucrose, vitamin B1

Content in the Box: 10 x 10g Sachet

Place of Manufacture: Japan

Diet Maru消水丸,日本制造,富含植物性酵素,玉米须提取物,薏仁精华能够减轻水肿症状。提高新陈代谢和血液循环,袪肿,将多余的水分废物排出体外。小包装随身携带,轻松应对各种场景,没有疗程限制,随时服用。


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