EliSix 6

EliSix 6 Nail Clippers S 韩国 EliSix 6 不粘指甲剪 (小)


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EliSix 6 Nail Clippers S

Small size clipper for neatly trimming finger and toe nails.

  • The nail clippers are super strong, smooth and won't break!
  • Prevent toe nails from splashing in all directions

material: metal

Standard Size: 70X12x16mm

*Made in Korea

韩国 EliSix 6 不粘指甲剪 (小) 


  • 指甲刀剪力超强,顺滑不断裂!
  • 预防脚趾甲四面八方飞溅

材质 金属

标准 70X12x16mm 



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