EliSix 6

EliSix 6 Pimple Extractor 韩国 EliSix 6 痘痘粉刺挤压棒


EliSix 6 Pimple Extractor

Acne and sebum can be hygienically removed. Choose the right size for each part and use it! Stainless steel material, durable and hygienic!

  • Hygienic sebum skin care
  • Dual size design
  • semi-permanent use

How to use: After washing your face, dampen a towel with lukewarm water and apply to pores with a lot of sebum for 5 minutes to relax your skin.

Thick Hook: Gently press on the blackhead to extract.

Thin Ring: Removes whiteheads like a scratch. Wet a cotton ball with the cold lotion and gently rub the sebum-removed area to calm it down.

material: metal

Standard Size: 142X5X5mm

*Made in Korea

韩国 EliSix 6 痘痘粉刺挤压棒

可以卫生地去除粉刺和皮脂。 为每个部分选择合适的尺寸并使用它! 不锈钢材质,耐用又卫生!

  • 卫生的皮脂管理
  • 双尺寸设计
  • 半永久使用

使用方法: 洗脸后,用温水浸湿毛巾,敷在含有大量皮脂的毛孔上5分钟,放松肌肤。


细环:像刮擦一样去除白头。 用冷乳液打湿棉球,然后轻轻擦拭去除皮脂的区域以使其平静下来。 

材质: 金属

标准: 142X5X5mm



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