Elixir 怡丽丝尔

Elixir Advanced Skin Care By Age Lotion 170ml [2 TYPES] 资生堂 优悦活颜柔滑弹润水 (清爽型/滋润型)

  • A lotion that contains moisture and moisture, followed by a glossy ball.
  • Provides a soft, plump firmness with an original formulation that stores moisture well, and keeps the glossy skin shining every day.
  • Anti-wrinkle; smoothens skin and keeps it from drying. 
  • Moisture care according to age.
  • Anti-aging effects.
  • Lotion I: Lighter, for oily to normal skin.
  • Lotion II: Richer, for extremely dry skin.


How to use: 

  • After washing the face, take a little larger than a 500-yen coin on cotton.
  • Spread it lightly over the entire face. 
  • After that, gently apply it to the skin.
  • Pack Size - 170ml



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