Elixir 怡丽丝尔

elixir day care revolution spf 30 pa++++ 资生堂 ELIXIR怡丽丝尔优悦活颜隔离防晒乳液



  • Aging care.


  • With one lot after the lotion, Tsayakama until evening.


  • To keep the impression of morning glory shining until evening.


  • Three effects of milky lotion, makeup base, protector are one.


  • It makes less fine wrinkles less noticeable.


  • Efficacy evaluation tested.


  • Upgrade foundation and paste.

    How to use:


  • After the lotion, and rub the entire face takes a 1-yen coin size in the palm of your hand.


  • Then further coats to the sensitive center and cheek of ultraviolet rays.


  • Pack Size - 35ml

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