Elixir 怡丽丝尔

elixir purify cleansing gel cream 140g 资生堂 ELIXIR 怡丽丝尔纯肌净白卸妆霜


I wrap up a make dirt, and fresh and young gel cream removes a factor of the fuzz of the skin. Chestnut ant move prescription to let a dirt including the oxidation sebum rise. Glycyrrhizic acid salt (prevention of skin that ingredient medical) combination to prevent skin that by ultraviolet rays.
The touch that I did quickly without being sticky after having wiped it off.
It can wash away that I wipe it off.


◇When it gets into eyes, please wash it away with water or tepid water immediately.
◇Please be careful not to contain water in a container.
◇Please close a cap after use properly.
◇Please put it out of reach of infants.
◇Please do not put it to a place and the high temperature that the day is.


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