Elizavecca Green piggy collagen jella pack 100g Elizavecca绿小猪胶原蛋白睡眠面膜

$9.50 $12
  • Elizaveccas Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack puts the skin at its best condition by enhancing the skins texture with its 50% collagen content. This cream pack is also enriched and fortified with rich blends of organic ingredients, such as macadamia seed oil and cacao extract that definitely promotes baby-soft skin. This is suitable for all skin types as this cream pack is free from parabens, ethanol, animal oil, benzophenone, mineral oil and artificial coloring.
  • How to use:     After washing and toning, apply an appropriate amount and gently massage all over the face for 2 minutes with lightweight pressure. Warm palms by rubbing them together and lightly wrap hands around the face for full absorption.

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