Elleair 大王

ELLEAIR 100% Cotton Absorbent Panty Liner 36PCS 怡丽 纯棉超薄护垫 17cm 36枚入


This is a sheet that draws in moisture quickly, maintains a smooth surface, releases heat and moisture, and prevents moisture.

For those who are worried about the moment when power enters. 100% natural cotton is used for the surface sheet.


A natural material that is gentle on the skin.

  1. Skin-friendly natural cotton sheet : Uses a surface sheet of 100% natural cotton.
    It also absorbs sweat and moisture.
  2. Fully breathable back sheet: Relieves stuffiness by escaping heat and moisture.
  3. Safe deodorant effect : Contains odorous molecules in urine-absorbing polymer, preventing bad smell from coming out.
    No fragrance is used.



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