Elleair 大王

Elleair Sanitary Napkin Daytime 16pcs 怡丽 素肌棉柔护翼卫生巾 日用型 27cm 16枚入



  • Since the extra four corners are cut, it is hard to rub.
  • A diagonal cut that is easy to put on.
  • The long wings make it easy to stack and prevent slipping.
  • Unique width design makes it difficult to twist.
  • The menstrual blood is pulled in quickly, and it is difficult for menstrual blood to remain on the surface.
  • A soft sheet with a low skin contact rate and a dry feeling.
  • 16pcs, 27cm

 エリス 素肌のきもち(特に多い昼用)羽つき 16コ|生理用品|商品情報 ...


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