Elleair 大王

Elliair GOO N. Baby Diaper Pants for Boys L-size 9-14kg 44sheets 大王 婴幼儿用男孩纸尿裤 L 9-14kg 44片


Elliair GOO N. Baby Diaper Pants for Boys L

Stretchy and ultra dry for freedom of movement

  1. Ultra-dry absorbent material keeps both its surface and your baby's bottom dry. GOO.N's dry surface sheet keeps wetness away from the skin, because its design prevents moisture already absorbed inside the diaper from being reintroduced back towards your baby’s skin.
  2. New! Soft & Dry outer mesh sheet put wet through and keeps baby's bottom dry.
  3. Our stretchy structure is suited for lots of movement and flexibility.
  4. Roll up tape equals a no-mess clean up, and easy disposal

大王 婴幼儿用男孩纸尿裤 L 

超干爽吸收,既保持其表面干爽 宝宝的小屁屁也干爽

  1. 表面凹凸吸收点,有效将尿液迅猛吸收至内部,使纸尿裤表面超干爽,宝宝肌肤舒适干爽。
  2. New! 采用透气孔表层在纸尿裤外侧采用透气孔表层。释放出纸尿裤内的湿气,使屁屁干爽舒适。 ※仅限S,M号
  3. 自由伸縮超彈力合身構造。
  4. 使用后处理用安心胶贴



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