Elleair 大王

Elliair GOO.N PLUS Baby Diaper Pants XL Big-size 12-20kg 38sheets 大王 肌快适裤型纸尿裤 XL 12-20kg 38片


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Elliair GOO.N PLUS Baby Diaper Pants XL Big

GOO.N Plus+ is a diaper designed for sensitive skin that prevents irritation and does not dry the baby's skin.

About 90% of moms have reported concerns about their baby's skin. With the aim of creating disposable diapers that moms can use with peace of mind, DAIO Paper has developed GOO.N Plus+, which alleviates skin irritation and dryness.

  1. Soft fit

    Gently fits the shape of the baby’s stomach. It will not leave diaper marks and does not leak.

  2. Smooth texture

    The surface is gentle on the baby’s skin and hardly rubs.

  3. Fluffy and comfortable fit

    The diaper is designed for comfort. It prevents the skin from becoming sore and red and does not leak.

    A baby's skin is very sensitive

    A baby's skin is about half as thin as an adult's and contains less water and sebum. Therefore, it is vulnerable to irritation and becomes dry easily. Alleviating irritation and dryness is important for preventing skin problems, such as a rash. The surface of the skin can easily become damaged by the irritation caused by pee and poop or by rubbing against the diaper.

    A highly cushioned seat over the entire abdomen

    When it’s time for your baby to put on pants-type diapers, they are more active. This can result in more friction against their skin. Redness and rubber marks on the waist can also irritate the baby’s skin. Therefore, the pants-type GOO.N Plus+ Skin Comfortable Design uses a highly cushioned back seat (the outer seat of the diaper), which goes over the entire abdomen to reduce rubbing. It fits softly and gently.





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