Enda Body Support Gel 150g 黑科技纤体瘦身按摩啫喱


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  • Contains an innovative slimming ingredient.
  • Helps lower cholesterol, protect the liver from disease, including hepatitis, and appears to help alcoholics stave off cirrhosis.
  • Keeps your skin feeling smooth.



  • A body support gel that contains an innovative slimming ingredient, and can be applied and massaged to create an ideal body makeup.
  • Highly blended fat-dissolved injection ingredient “phosphatidylcholine”
  • In addition to the tightening patent ingredients "Ovalis" and "Phytosonic" born in France, a beauty-advanced country, it also contains several types of beauty ingredients to make smooth and smooth skin .
  • We approach fat with warmth ingredients extracted from vanilla. Fresh grapefruit scent.
  • End the diet! It is a body care brand that proposes a new approach for those who pursue the ideal body line, saying, "I do not change anything, but I still want to change." We will show you the shortcuts that will be beautiful to end the diet.

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