Ettusais 艾杜纱

ETTUSAIS Healthy Style Eye Edition Mascara Base (02 Copper Orange) 艾杜莎 限定健康风卷翘打底膏 (限定02 铜橙) 6g


ETTUSAIS Healthy Style Eye Edition Mascara Base

Long-lasting curling mascara base makeup keeps length

  • Naturally thickens, lengthens, and thickens the lashes to make the eyes look bigger and more impressive.
    • Contains 2 types of black fiber that blends naturally with eyelashes the same black fiber as the standard mascara base and long fiber that is 150% longer than the black fiber
  • Keep curl and wrap down lashes
    • Uses a lightweight base that can keep curls
  • Curls last for a long time. Resistant to humidity.
  • Resistant to sweat, sebum and tears, and a beautiful finish lasts for a long time
  • A pearl formulation suitable for each color that enhances the eyes
    • 01 Sheer Black: Contains blue color pearls that enhance the blackness of the eyelashes
    • 02 Copper-Orange: Contains gold nuance pearls that create a feeling of omission
  • Waterproof prescription
  • Contains beauty essence ingredients
    • Contains hair treatment (amino acid-based ingredient) and hair moisturizing ingredient (hyaluronic acid)
  • A coil that lifts from the root of the eyelashes and a comb that stretches the eyelashes with W are used to achieve a gorgeous and beautiful finish without becoming lumpy.
  • Fragrance-free
  • Allergy tested

艾杜莎 限定健康风卷翘打底膏


  • 自然加厚、加长、加厚睫毛,让眼睛看起来更大更动人。
    • 含有2种黑色纤维*与睫毛自然融合*
  • 保持卷曲并包裹睫毛
    • 使用可保持卷发的轻质底座
  • 卷发持续很长时间。耐潮湿。
  • 耐汗、耐皮脂、耐泪,持久美丽
  • 适合每种颜色的珍珠配方,增强眼睛
    • 01 纯黑:含有蓝色珍珠,可增强睫毛的黑度
    • 02 铜橙:含有细微的金色珍珠,营造出一种遗漏感
  • 防水配方
  • 含有美容精华成分
    • 含有护发素(氨基酸成分)和头发保湿成分(透明质酸)
  • 使用从睫毛根部提起的线圈和用W拉长睫毛的梳子,实现华丽而美丽的妆容,而不会变得粗糙。
  • 无香精
  • 过敏测试



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