ETVOS Moist Amino Foam 90g


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  • With a gentle rinse that does not put an extra burden on the skin, it does not deprive the natural moisture of the skin, it gives you a smooth feeling.
  • Combine three types of human ceramide, moisturizing ingredients such as lipidia, shea butter, glycosyl trehalose, and wash freshly while keeping the skin moist.
  • Silicon, mineral oil, petroleum-based surfactant, chelating agent, paraben, coloring agent, synthetic fragrance are not used.
  • It is wrapped in scented fragrance of lavender and geranium with fragrance, and it cleanses clear skin without dullness.
  • Contains vegetable amino acid based cleaning component removes only the skin dirt and unnecessary old rough skin while leaving the skin moisture and moisturizing ingredients firmly.
  • It is recommended for people with sensitive skin and facial cleansing every morning.
  • It prevents ceramide outflow due to facial cleansing and protects washed skin from drying damage.


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