ETVOS Vitalizing Lotion 日本ETVOS 植物干细胞 紧致抗老化妆水 150ml


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  • Anti-aging
  • Plant's stem cell can be a source of energy necessary for cell function such as cell division, proliferation, metabolism and repair, and anti-aging effect.
  • Vitalizes your skin. 
  • Soft-rose scent. 

"Stem cells" that are responsible for the reincarnation of skin cells. Vitalizing Lotion contains "Argan Stem Cell Extract", and it will lead to firm and elastic skin as you continue to use it.

In addition, the amount of Argan stem cells added has been significantly increased so that you can feel the effects properly.

After age 40, skin ceramides are reduced to about half of age 20. When the amount of ceramide decreases, the barrier function deteriorates, causing various problems.

Therefore, 5 types of human ceramides are blended in a well-balanced manner with the same lamellar structure as the ceramides present on human skin. It prepares the skin and supports a rhythm that tends to be disordered.

Moisturizing ingredients such as penetrating hyaluronic acid, Lipidure (R), white jellyfish polysaccharides and amino acids (natural moisturizing factors) protect the skin from dryness and lead to moist and moisturized skin. In addition, α-arbutin and hydroxyproline give the skin firmness and elasticity, and pomegranate extract, soybean extract and fermented soybean extract make the skin fresh and feminine.

A hypoallergenic formulation that does not use silicone, parabens, synthetic surfactants, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, and colorants. It has a thick texture that blends easily into your skin. A soft rose-like scent.


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