EXIDEAL LED EX-P280 (Champagne Pink) 日本EXIDEAL LED 大排燈采光美容仪 EX-P280 (香槟粉)



Features high-brightness LEDs, unique high-power illumination optics, pulsed-wave, and the ability to drive the LEDs to maximum performance, making it easy, effective, and convenient for daily skin care treatment.

Use the 280 of 4 wavelength LED for ultra-high brightness light and ultra-high power.

This high-performance and powerful beauty facial device is perfect for home use.
The original photo-programming system was effectively combined with the 4 wavelength LED. The T-Zone-Care-Program is our newest technology and the latest invention in the beauty industry. It has 10 different programs for skin care treatments.
A variety of the photo skin care programs can be performed easily at home without going to a beauty treatment clinic.

Optical design (patent pending) increases the lighting rate and is a high-performance structure. It is the world's first large-face-1 technology to irradiate extensive areas.

1. High-spec specifications

Uses 280 4-wavelength (blue, yellow, red, infrared) LEDs with ultra-high brightness and ultra-high output.
A high-spec cosmetologist for home use. (As of September 2010)

The wavelength of the LED emitted by Exideal consists of four lights: blue, yellow, red, and infrared. The light emitted by Exideal is a safe light that does not contain harmful ultraviolet rays and has no pain or side effects.

2. Enjoy the salon treatment whenever you want

With a variety of programs (10 modes for different purposes), you can easily take care of your skin at home, which was only possible at beauty salons. ..

3. Industry's first T-zone care program
There is also a program that offers T-zone care support treatments.

4. World's first! Large 1-face design

The world's first large (just face size) design that can irradiate the entire face at once. 

This makes it possible to cover the entire face at once, resulting in a very efficient and effective light irradiation esthetic treatment.

5. New function Silent mode installed!
You can easily change from sound mode to silent mode.

日本EXIDEAL mini LED采光美容仪 EX-P120

Exideal LED採用高功率LED採用和美容院同等級數既脈衝波照射技術.




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