EXIDEAL mini LED EX-P120 (White) 日本EXIDEAL mini LED采光美容仪 EX-P120 (白色)



Exideal mini EX-120 features high-brightness LEDs, unique high-power illumination optics, pulsed-wave, the ability to drive the LEDs to maximum performance, and with the portable size, making it easy, effective, and convenient for traveling. EX-120 is equipped with four kinds of LEDs: blue light, yellow light, red light and infrared light. It also specializes in multi-variable LED light source program. It combines four different LED wavelengths to effectively penetrate into different skin tissues, effectively tightening, moisturizing, acne caring and to maintain the health of the hair scalp.

Mode ① Improve skin's fine lines and elasticity
Mode ② Acne care
Mode ③ For skin hydration and smoothing
Mode ④ scalp care

Easy Use
Only use power button and START button for everyday use. It chooses a treatment program for specific use.There are not so many buttons (4 buttons) and it is easy for everyone to use. The sound effects help guide you.

Contactless Beauty Device
Treatment is possible without contacting the skin. Contactless treatment dramatically lowers stress on the skin. Also, irradiation does not transfer bacteria like touching.

LED for High Brightness Light
The 120 of 4 wavelength LED for high brightness light is designed for wide-range irradiation home use. Ability of this beauty device is similar to a beauty clinic device for home use.

Maximum LED Output Driver 5.7W
Outstanding LED output driver for home use.

No stress with hands-free device
You can relax and take care of your skin with this hands-free device. Also, more effectively massages your face during irradiation

This beauty device is compact in size for easy to carry and contactless photo-treatment.
It is a compact size for easy to carry and you can use whever.It possesses a large size design so you can perform a photo-treatment on all of your body parts.This beauty device is hands-free and easily treats out of reach places like your back.

Scalp Care Support Program (P04)
Different ages of care for maintaining scalp and hair beautifully. Use it for damaged colored hair and in treating violet ray scalp.

MY Memory Function
The machine system memorizes the most recent program (function) used. It displays the previous program (timer) for the next session. You can also make your own original program. Also, the MY memory function memorizes the program forever, even if you remove the adaptor.* Maximum 30 minutes


日本EXIDEAL mini LED采光美容仪 EX-P120

Exideal mini LED彩光美容仪是来自日本的led美容光照仪,可谓是随时携带在身边的顶级美容院。Exideal mini LED彩光美容仪身材小巧,方便携带

  • 备有 4 种波长 LED 光线
  • 刺激细胞代谢
  • 血液循环
  • 胶原蛋白再生

Exideal mini LED彩光美容仪有四种光分别是红光、蓝光、黄光、红外光(不可见光)。

Exideal mini LED彩光仪是由蓝光、黄光、红光、红外光(不可见光)四种光构成。





Exideal mini LED彩光仪共有四种模式  P1 毛孔弹力 P2 祛痘 P3 补水保湿 P4 头发护理



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