EYEMAZING X Miyu Ikeda Eyelashes (No.606 #Pure 3D) 5 pairs 日本EYEMAZING 池田美优精细假睫毛 (No.606 #纯3D) 五对


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EYEMAZING X Miyu Ikeda Eyelashes 
Different eyelases styles by Miyu Ikeda, Japanese fashion model that is extremely popular among teens, it has been overwhelmingly supported by fashion-conscious fashionable girls. With the series' first 3D manufacturing method and ultra-fine processing, it gives the the lashes natural and realistic feel. 
NO.606 #Pure 3D
Since it is the first 3D manufacturing method in the series, it gives a natural look and volume.

日本EYEMAZING 池田美优精细假睫毛 


NO.606 #纯3D

系列中的第一个3D 制造款;具有自然的外观和体积。

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