EZN Shaking Pudding Hair Color (Sahara Sandy) 韩国易知安 布丁染发剂 染彩系列 (沙棕色) 70ml


EZN Shaking Pudding Hair Color

eZn Pudding Hair colour is ammonia free, odorless and with UV protection. It is also enriched with natural oils and herbal extracts to provide your hair with extra care for a vibrant, fade-resistant color and long-lasting shine. Different from cream and bubble type hair dye, the jelly style of eZn Shaking Pudding Hair Color make self-hair dye easier, and brings the premium salon hair care to every home.

eZn Pudding Hair Colour is also a Clean Beauty that is free from these 10 harmful ingredients:
Hydroquinone, Triclosan, Quaternium-15, Chloroacetamide, Triclocarban, Phthalates, O-phenylphenol, Borates, Methylene glycol, Microplastic beads. Including Cruelty-free & Sustainable packaging.

Water to Gel System-Pudding can do more than what you believe!
Now, easy and clear coloring is possible with this groundbreaking, innovative method! Through smooth gel-type cream, it offers vivid and full coloring effects by delivering hydrolyzed silk, hydrolyzed keratin and hydrolyzed collagen to continually provide luster & sheen. Simply stated, color effortlessly with pudding.

How to Use:
1. Before beginning the coloring session, put on gloves. Fill the supplied plastic container halfway with #1 (colorant) and #2 (developer) and seal the lid until you hear a click.
2. Shake the container horizontally or sideways to thoroughly combine the ingredients until the mixture gels. (DO NOT shake the container up and down or vertically.)
3. To begin the operation, carefully open the jar from the side and scoop the contents into your palm.
4. As you color per section, use appropriate quantities.
5. Gently press the gel against the hair to apply it to the top, sides, and back. Finish the technique by softly applying the leftover gel along the hairline.
6. Leave the color to process for the amount of time specified (20 min. to cover gray hair, 30 min. to change the hair color).
7. Once you've achieved the appropriate hue, wash and rinse with lukewarm water many times until the water runs clean.


韩国EZN易知安 布丁染发剂 

eZn Pudding染发剂无氨,无味,具有紫外线防护。它还富含天然油和草药提取物,可为您的头发提供额外的呵护,使您的头发充满活力,抗褪色和持久光泽。与奶油和泡泡型染发剂不同,eZn Pudding Hair Colour的果冻风格使自染变得更容易,并为每个家庭带来高级沙龙染发护理。

植物无氨: 3种植物油+3种草本精华,天然植物萃取不含硫化氢。

防晒固色: 含防晒霜的OMC成分,抵御强烈的紫外线,有效固色,保护染后的发色。



  • 将布丁染发剂的第一剂和第二剂按1:1的比例混合
  • 盖紧盖子后充分摇晃即可变成Q弹布丁
  • 从发梢部分开始均匀涂抹后等待40-60分钟
  • 彻底冲洗干净后用洗发水再次清洗




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