ezn shaking pudding hair color #Yellow out Ash Toner 70ml 韩国易知安布丁染发剂 灰调预染剂/白金色 70ml


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Product Feature:

Water to Gel System-Pudding can do more than what you believe!
Now, easy and clear coloring is possible with this groundbreaking, innovative method! Through smooth gel-type cream, it offers vivid and full coloring effects by delivering hydrolyzed silk, hydrolyzed keratin and hydrolyzed collagen to continually provide luster & sheen. Simply stated, color effortlessly with pudding.

How to Use:
1. Before beginning the coloring session, put on gloves. Fill the supplied plastic container halfway with #1 (colorant) and #2 (developer) and seal the lid until you hear a click.
2. Shake the container horizontally or sideways to thoroughly combine the ingredients until the mixture gels. (DO NOT shake the container up and down or vertically.)
3. To begin the operation, carefully open the jar from the side and scoop the contents into your palm.
4. As you color per section, use appropriate quantities.
5. Gently press the gel against the hair to apply it to the top, sides, and back. Finish the technique by softly applying the leftover gel along the hairline.
6. Leave the color to process for the amount of time specified (20 min. to cover gray hair, 30 min. to change the hair color).
7. Once you've achieved the appropriate hue, wash and rinse with lukewarm water many times until the water runs clean.





  • 将布丁染发剂的第一剂和第二剂按1:1的比例混合
  • 盖紧盖子后充分摇晃即可变成Q弹布丁
  • 从发梢部分开始均匀涂抹后等待40-60分钟
  • 彻底冲洗干净后用洗发水再次清洗


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