F3 SYSTEMS Magic Curling Dry Roll Brush 韩国 F3 SYSTEMS 魔术快干陶瓷空气卷发梳


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F3 SYSTEMS Magic Curling Dry Roll Brush

The perforated cylindrical heat-conducting plate efficiently circulates the internal heat and distributes it evenly to the hair for fast drying and styling.

  • A Great Blowout - Ceramic coated barrel reduces drying time and achieves a great blowout.
  • Even Heat Distribution - Heat conduction plate to deliver heat evenly.
  • Quick Styling - Create a wave quickly by an excellent grip and a ceramic coated plate with high thermal conductivity.
  • Optimal Roll Size - The barrel size is ideal for creating curls or working with short cuts.
  • Soft Touch With Comfortable Hold - Light and comfortable non-slip handle makes it easy to hold and use. Store anywhere more hygienically.

Take your first section of hair and place the roll brush underneath, then wrap the hair around the brush. When you turn on your blow-dryer, direct it at the top side of the section. As you blow dry, slowly move the blow-dryer further down the section of hair. At the same time, pull the brush up and away from your head to get more volume and curl. Repeat this step on each section of hair until completely dry.

Material : ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadien Styrene), Aluminium and Nylon.
Size : 50 x 250 x 50 (mm)

    韩国 F3 SYSTEMS 魔术快干陶瓷空气卷发梳


    • 陶瓷涂层底板 陶瓷涂层底板的卓​​越导热性可缩短干燥时间
    • 密密麻麻的尼龙别针梳毛可以抓住吹干时即使用滚刷卷起也会滑落和松散的头发,因此即使不习惯自干的人也可以快速轻松地将其吹干。
    • 握感设计强调舒适贴合手感的握感,打造风格时也能舒适地握持。


    材质 :丙烯腈丁二烯苯乙烯、铝和尼龙。
    尺寸 :50 x 250 x 50 (毫米)


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