F3 SYSTEMS Magic Tension Massage Brush 韩国 F3 SYSTEMS 魔术按摩梳


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F3 SYSTEMS Magic Tension Massage Brush

  • GENTLY WORKS ON WET HAIR - Thin, flexible brush bristles gently works on tangled and wet or dry hair so you don't have to worry about damage.
  • FLEXIBLE HEAD MOVES ALONG THE HEAD WITH HARD BRISTLES - Hard thick bristles enable deep massage on the scalp. Ideal detangling brush for thick hair!
  • BRISTLES WITH BALL POINT ENDS - Ball point tipped bristles will not snag or pull hair.
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPE – For wet or dry hair. Can be used on straight, curly, natural, thin, thick, frizzy, long hair...
  • SOFT TOUCH WITH COMFORTABLE HOLD – Light & comfortable non-slip handle makes it easy to hold and use.

Size : 11.65 x 2.6 x 1.93 inches

    韩国 F3 SYSTEMS 魔术按摩梳

    • 温和适用于湿发 - 细而柔韧的刷毛轻轻适用于缠结、湿发或干发,因此您不必担心损坏。
    • 灵活的头部沿着头部移动,带有坚硬的刷毛 - 坚硬的刷毛可以在头皮上进行深度按摩。 适合浓密头发的理想梳理刷!
    • 带圆头末端的刷毛 - 圆头刷毛不会钩住或拉扯头发。
    • 适用于所有头发类型 - 适用于湿发或干发。 可用于直发、卷发、自然发、细发、浓发、卷发、长发...
    • 手感柔软,握持舒适 – 轻便舒适的防滑手柄使其易于握持和使用。

    尺寸 :11.65 x 2.6 x 1.93 英寸


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