FANCL AND Mirai Skin Up Wash 120g


AND MIRAI Skin Cleansing Wash is a facial cleansing gel that removes the old stratum corneum that causes the dirt and dullness of pores with konjac balls. It leaves the moisture and is washed away, so it leads to a smooth and supple skin. * No preservatives (parabens) or synthetic fragrances are used.


“AND MIRAI” was born as a skin care product that brings together the feelings of modern women and lifestyle.

  • Age and daily stress, and every day damaged by blue light such as smartphone.
  • Supports the natural strength of the skin, and the fermented cherry ingredients fill the skin with moisture.
  • Fills your skin with a firm, supple skin that feels like you ’re feeling up!

Tomorrow as well as to you in the future.
“Look up and bloom.”
“AND MIRAI” supports every day of busy modern women.


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