Fancl 芳坷

Fancl Sensitive Skin Care Lotion 3pcs 芳珂 干燥敏感肌温和保湿乳


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Gives enough moisture and protects the skin fro drying.

Rich texture of lotion gently penetrates to the skin. It moisturizes the skin from the inside

Order of Use:

FDR Sensitive Skin Care Liquid ⇒ FDR Sensitive Skin Care Lotion ⇒ FDR Sensitive Skin Care Cream/Milk (⇒ FDR Sensitive Skin Care Barrier Gel Oil)

How to Use:

Use a diameter of about 1.5cm.

Fresh up to 1 year if unopened.
Use within 21 days after opening.

Contains no preservatives, fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum-based surfactants, or ultraviolet absorbers.
Mildly acidic.
The date of manufacture is shown on the box.

「FANCL Doctor护肤系列」由皮肤科医生监督研制,经临床测试,专业呵护干燥敏感及曾患湿疹肌肤,持续使用,提升防御、高补湿、抗干燥痕痒。





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