FILLIMILLI Ceramic Pusher 韩国 FILLIMILLI 美甲石英刻磨笔


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FILLIMILLI Ceramic Pusher

01 Healthy nail care without damage

Fine-grained ceramic material removes loose skin neatly without damaging cuticles or scratching nails, enabling healthy nail care

02 Careful removal with oblique cutting, with a shape that becomes sharper and thinner as it goes to the end.

Possible to meticulously remove loose skin between nails and cuticles

*Be careful when using with strong force as it may cause skin damage such as cuts.

03 Semi-permanent use

It is a stone pusher made of compressed ceramic powder and can be used semi-permanently without deformation. If the stone becomes dull or broken, it can be used as new by changing it with a nail file.

*When reusing after grinding with a nail file, be careful not to sharpen the edge of the ceramic stone too much.

04 With cuticle oil of your choice

Original ceramic pusher without cuticle oil, can be used with your choice of cuticle oil


  • When you want healthy nail care without damaging cuticles and nails
  • When you want to meticulously organize your loose skin
  • Can be used with any cuticle oil of your choice
  • When you need an original ceramic pusher

How to Use

After applying the diagonal cutting surface of the ceramic pusher to the nail, scrape the side line from side to side and roll the cuticle line round before use.

When used with cuticle oil, apply cuticle oil around the nails before using the ceramic pusher.


Material | Ceramic, PS/Cap_ABS

*Made in China

韩国 FILLIMILLI 美甲石英刻磨笔

01 健康无损伤的指甲护理


02 斜切小心去除,形状越尖越薄。



03 半永久使用

它是由压缩陶瓷粉末制成的推石器,可以半永久性使用而不变形。 如果石头变钝或破损,可以用指甲锉换新的。


04 使用您选择的角质层油



  • 当您想要健康的指甲护理而不损坏角质层和指甲时
  • 当您想精心整理松弛的皮肤时
  • 可与您选择的任何角质层油一起使用
  • 当您需要原装陶瓷推杆时





材料 | 陶瓷,PS/Cap_ABS



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