FILLIMILLI Rocket Hair Volume Clip 2pcs 韩国 FILLIMILLI 火箭型蓬松发卷夹 2枚


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FILLIMILLI Hair Volume Clip

01 Easy root volume UP Just place it where volume is needed and you're done!

Quick and easy root volume UP

02 OK without heat treatment

Even if you do not use a dryer, just plug it in for about 10 minutes to complete voluminous root volume.

03 Strong holding power

The comb-shaped tongs hold the hair firmly so that it does not fall off.


  • When you want to easily restore root volume
  • When you want to create rich root volume without heat treatment
  • When you need hair volumizing tongs that do not flow even when you move

How to Use

01 Divide the part you want to add volume to and pick it up. With the comb pointed upward, a sufficient amount of hair should be pinched close to the scalp to create volume.

02 Dry it evenly with medium wind, and insert it for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the condition of the hair. If you put it in for about 10 minutes without drying, the root volume will be revived.

03 Remove the tongs and gently rub and style the marked part.

04 The volume may vary depending on the condition of the hair, and as you get used to it, the volume will increase.

TIP. If you use it on wet hair and heat it with a dryer, the hair volume lasts longer.

Material quality ABS

*Made in China

韩国 FILLIMILLI 火箭型蓬松发卷夹

01 轻松让发根蓬松 UP 只要放在需要蓬松的地方就大功告成了!

快速简单的根卷 UP

02 无需热处理即可

即使不使用吹风机,也只需插电约 10 分钟即可完成丰盈的根部卷发。

03 强握力



  • 当您想要轻松恢复根卷时
  • 当您想在不进行热处理的情况下创建丰富的根体积时
  • 当您需要即使在移动时也不会流动的丰盈发钳


01 把你要加蓬松的部分分开,拿起来。 将梳子朝上,将足够多的头发捏在靠近头皮的位置,以营造蓬松感。

02 用中风均匀吹干,根据头发状况插入5-10分钟。 如果您将它放入约 10 分钟而不干燥,根体积会恢复。

03 取下钳子,轻轻擦拭并定型标记的部分。

04 蓬松可能会因头发状况而异,随着您的习惯,蓬松度会增加。

提示: 如果在湿发上使用它并用吹风机加热,头发体积会持续更长时间。

材质 ABS




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