FILLIMILLI Root Volume Clip 韩国 FILLIMILLI 发根蓬松发夹


FILLIMILLI Root Volume Clip

Revitalizes the roots from the inside to create natural root volume

01 Volume UP from the root

There are 123 comb teeth under the tongs, so the hair inside is not pressed and the volume is strong from the inside.

02 Natural Styling

The surface of the tongs in contact with the hair is wide and gentle, creating natural volume without marks.

*TIP. With a design similar to the curve of the head, it adheres more stably!

03 Perfect Volume All Day Long

Since the top of the tongs is perforated, it can be used with a dryer or hair fixer.
Perfect root volume that lasts longer


  • When you want to increase root volume easily and conveniently
  • When you want a natural root volume styling without marks
  • When you want long-lasting root volume

How to Use

  1. Take an appropriate amount of hair in the area where you want to add volume and pinch it close to the scalp.
  2. Lay the tongs so that the tip of the comb points toward the scalp.

*TIP The upper part is perforated, so you can increase the holding power when using with a dryer or hair fixer.

*TIP It can be used as a portable comb for hair straightening and bangs trimming with comb teeth.

Material quality ABS

*Made in China

韩国 FILLIMILLI 发根蓬松发夹


01 从根部提高蓬松感


02 自然造型


*提示。 类似头部曲线的设计,贴合更稳!

03 全天完美蓬松



  • 当您想轻松方便地增加根体积时
  • 当您想要没有标记的自然根体积样式时
  • 当您想要持久的根卷时


  1. 在要想要增加蓬松感的区域取适量的头发,并在靠近头皮的地方捏住。
  2. 放置 子,使梳子的尖端指向头皮。



材质 ABS



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