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FLOR DE MAN Keratin Silk Protein Hair Gel 弗洛德曼 角蛋白丝蛋白护发凝胶 500ml


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FLOR DE MAN Keratin Silk Protein Hair Gel

Keratin + silkprotein complex supply nourishment to the damaged cuticle layer of the hair by frequent perming, drying & dyeing to make your hair healthy & resilient

Keratin silkprotein super hard hair gel makes your hair shiny and holds your hair style without stickiness

Keratin protein is the main component of hair - it bonds and repairs cuticle layer damaged due to excessive heat, color, and / or chemical hair treatments. Keratin also provides nutrients to help strengthen and keep the hair healthy.

Recommended for damaged and / or color treated hair

Contains keratin 500mg + silkprotein 500mg

How to Use

Smooth a small amount over your hair after drying then use your fingertips or brush to make desired style.

*Made In Korea

弗洛德曼 角蛋白丝蛋白护发凝胶



角蛋白是头发的主要成分 - 它可以粘合和修复因过度加热、染色和/或化学头发处理而受损的角质层。 角蛋白还提供营养,帮助强化和保持头发健康。


含有角蛋白 500mg + 丝蛋白 500mg





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