Flor De Man

FLOR DE MAN Keratin Silk Protein Hairpack 弗洛德曼 角蛋白丝蛋白护发素 1000ml


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FLOR DE MAN Keratin Silk Protein Hairpack

Essential Conditioner to repair and strengthen damaged hair!

Keratin + Silkprotein Complex supply nourishment to hair cuticles for healthy and resilient hair which are damaged by frequent hair blowing drying, coloring, and perming.

In the Keratin Silkprotein series; the hair shampoo, hair pack (conditioner), and leave-in hair essences contain Silk Protein and 7 kinds of flower Extract to help restore hair damage to its shiny and smooth state. It gently creates an invisible shield on the hair to lock in moisture and to unwind tangles to prevent breakage. It is extremely user-friendly and creates long-lasting protection and care to your hair.

*Made In Korea

弗洛德曼 角蛋白丝蛋白护发素


角蛋白 + 丝蛋白复合物为因频繁吹发、染发和烫发而受损的头发角质层提供营养,使头发保持健康和有弹性。

角蛋白丝蛋白系列; 洗发水、发膜(护发素)和免洗护发精华均含有蚕丝蛋白和 7 种花提取物,有助于将受损的头发恢复到闪亮光滑的状态。 它轻轻地在头发上形成一个隐形的屏障,以锁住水分并松开缠结以防止断裂。 它非常人性化,可为您的头发提供持久的保护和护理。



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