FLOW FUSHI The Matsuge Biyou-Eki Eyelash Growth & Nourishing Essence 5g 睫毛增长美容液


* Aim to achieve 8mm long eyelashes with 97% of proven results! 
* Improves eyelid overall blood flow to grow longer eyelashes 
* Improved eyelid blood flow also helps to foster a healthy eyelashes  
* Can be used as eye cream and also on eyebrows for thicker eyebrows. 
* Applied on eyelids near eyelashes & apply only once a day at night. 
It can be applied to the lashes and eyelids with your fingers. Because lashes grow from the eyelids, caring for the eyelids with this essence helps the lashes grow longer and stronger too. With a formula full of moisturising ingredients, this essence can work as both an eye cream and lash booster! Designed for delicate skin, this essence is free of damaging ingredients.

日本 Flowfushi The Matsuge Biyou-Eki 睫毛滋養液,日本製造!14日內瘋狂大賣45,000支,約97%試用者感受到實際效果;創新塗抹式美容液設計,配合按摩眼皮有效促進血液循環,達至睫毛日漸纖長濃密;溫和無添加配方,敏感肌膚都可安心使用! 



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