FLOWFUSHI MOTE Mascara Technical Series 日本熊野职人睫毛膏 Technical 系列

$12 $22

Technical 1 Gloss and Coat represents a new generation mascara base that can be used on eyelash extensions and eyebrows. 

This mascara treats damaged eyelashes from dryness and prevents color fades and smudging of mascara. 

The clear black color won't leave any unnatural color on your lashes and can be removed with lukewarm water. 

A technical mascara for perfect lashes for any user from beginners to professionals.

Technical 2 Booster & Primer transforms any waterproof mascara to one that can be removed with lukewarm water.It is compatible with a variety of mascaras currently on the market, and holds lash curl for long hours. Navy color gives a clean impression

No need to give up on fine lashes or bottom lashes. The Technical 3 Microbrush mascara reaches the tiny areas of your eyes to comb all lashes. Make perfect eyelashes with a technical mascara suitable for beginners to professionals.


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