Flowfushi Saisei Sheet Mask

  • Skin Flora leads you to the healthy and radiant skin.
  • Special Print Mask stimulates the acupressure point on your face.
  • High Purity Aloe Extract supports activating Skin flora.
  • Endmineral enhances the barrier function and promotes blood circulation.
  • Dye free/Optical brightener free/Synthetic fragrance free/Gluten free/Non-silicon

Assuming a zone that can be easily signed and a beauty point, unique original cosmetic ingredient. While concentrating on the signature where the print is concerned, it moisturizes the whole skin. One mask contains 50 billion lactic acid bacteria. Pull out the skin's moisturizing power by the method called beautiful skin bacteria care. Extra fine fiber "Nanofront (R)" The sheet of special structure which knitted fibers into 3 layers realizes high density, excellent stretch ability, adhesion strength and penetration force. Special print Saisei sheet mask. It gives you elasticity and elasticity, tightens your skin tightly and fulfills a beautiful face line.


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