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Forest Animal Keychain Charm (Pompompurin) 三丽鸥 森林小动物公仔挂件 (布丁狗)


Only 1 piece in stock!

Forest Animal Keychain Charm 

The fluffy characters are super cute! If you attach it to your bag or backpack, you can have fun swinging!

Size:Approximately width 16 x depth 12 x height 15 cm

Material: polyester

*Made in China
三丽鸥 森林小动物公仔挂件

毛茸茸的卡通人物超级可爱! 如果将它挂在包或背包上,您就可以享受看着它摇摇摆摆的乐趣!


材质: 涤纶


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