Freshlight Bubble Hair Color (Cream Chiffon) 施华蔻 魅惑娃娃泡泡染发剂 (奶茶栗棕)


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Freshlight Bubble Hair Color

Based on the style of Blyth doll, FRESH LIGHT (Japan) releases a series of Hair Color products in super trendy colors, they are as attractive as the original dolls, and now in the super convenient "bubble-based" formula!


1. Trendy & Attractive Colors
     - gives you a trendy hair colors with relative long lasting effect.

2. Conditioner-based Hair Colors
     - with 8 amino-based treatment ingredients which help maintain your hair beauty and minimize any negative effects while coloring.

3. Hair Treatment
     - with the bonus hair treatment pack to further keep your colored hair long last, while at the same time nourish your hairs. Beauty ingredients includes silk essence extracts.

4. With nice Green Apple fragrance

What's Included
1. Hair Color Agent No.1 30ml
2. Hair Color Agent No.2 60ml
3. After Color Treatment 15g
4. Pump
5. Gloves
6. Instruction Manual (Japanese)

施华蔻 魅惑娃娃泡泡染发剂

1. 时尚迷人的色彩
- 为您提供具有相对持久效果的时尚发色。

2. 护发素染发剂
- 含有 8 种基于氨基的护理成分,有助于保持秀发美丽,并最大限度地减少染发时的任何负面影响。

- 使用附赠的护发套装,让您的染发更持久,同时滋养您的秀发。 美容成分包括蚕丝精华提取物。

4. 带有清香的青苹果香味

  1. 染发剂 1号 30ml
  2. 染发剂 2号 60ml
  3. 染后护理 15g
  4. 4.泵
  5. 5.手套
  6. 6. 使用说明书(日文)

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