Freshlight Hair Color (Hard Bleach) 施华蔻 魅惑娃娃漂发剂 强劲漂剂


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Freshlight Hair Color (Hard Bleach)

Blythe is a super famous collectible doll originated from Japan, and it got famous worldwide, too. Based on the style of Blythe™ doll, FRESH LIGHT (Japan) releases a series of Hair Color products in super trendy colors, they are attractive as the dolls.


1. Trendy & Attractive Colors
     - gives you a trendy hair colors with relative long lasting effect.

2. Conditioner-based Hair Colors
     - with treatment ingredients which help maintain your hair beauty and minimize any negative effects while coloring.

3. Hair Treatment
     - with the bonus hair treatment pack to further keep your colored hair long last, while at the same time nourish your hairs. Beauty ingredients includes silk essence extracts.

4. With nice Green Apple fragrance


1. Hair Color Agent No. 1 30g
2. Hair Color Agent No. 2 78ml
3. Bleach Powder 22g
4. Brush shaped nozzle
5. Hair Treatment 15g
6. Instruction Manual*

Preparation and Usage

1. Put all of the Agent1 into the Agent2 bottle and close the cap. Shake and mix the agents well.
2. Unscrew cap immediately after mixing and affix a special comb-nozzle securely , apply the agents to whole hairs like combing. Leave for 10-20 minutes.
3. Rinse off the agent, shampoo your hair*, apply Oil Hair Mask and rinse.
*Please make sure the agent does not make contact with the eyes when rinsing / shampooing.

The quality of 1 box is made for semi-long (shoulder length) users. For long hair please use 2 boxes.

施华蔻 魅惑娃娃漂发剂 强劲漂剂

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