Freshlight Hair Color Natural Black 施华蔻 魅惑娃娃漂发剂 自然黑

40g + 80mL + 15g (Hair Color)

■ Product description
Double oil component for brilliant and cute hair color.
Contains sunflower oil (moisturizing ingredient). For shiny and soft hair.
Comes with a fresh light oil hair mask.

■ About the product
Product and package specification ingredients may change without notice.
Please check the notes on the product and package before use

- 1 Tube of Fresh Light Milky Color Natural Black (Agent 1) 40g
- 1 Bottle of Fresh Light Developer M (Agent 2) 80ml
- 1 Sachet of Fresh Light Oil Hair Mask 15g
- 1 Comb Nozzle
- 1 Pair of Gloves
- 1 Instruction Leaflet

Preparation and Usage

1. Put all of the Agent1 into the Agent2 bottle and close the cap. Shake and mix the agents well.
2. Unscrew cap immediately after mixing and affix a special comb-nozzle securely , apply the agents to whole hairs like combing. Leave for 10-20 minutes.
3. Rinse off the agent, shampoo your hair*, apply Oil Hair Mask and rinse.
*Please make sure the agent does not make contact with the eyes when rinsing / shampooing.

• Finished hair color varies by initial hair color , hair damage , hair type , indoor temperature , and waiting time.
• It is impossible to brighten up dark colored hair.
• If you wish to bleach or dry (not the color coating) your hair , leave an interval of least on week before doing so to avoid damage to your hair.
The quality of 1 box is made for semi-long (shoulder length) users. For long hair please use 2 boxes.



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