Fujiko Pon Pon Volumizing & Texturizing Hair Powder 8.5g NEW 日本Fujiko 去油控油蓬蓬粉

Achieved without hardening the natural volume to "Sara-fluffy hair" made with a dryer just by popping.
Both moisturizing power and deodorant effect are improved. While keeping the scalp clean, it contains plenty of ceramide ingredients that give luster and moisture and skin-friendly plant-derived ingredients.
It can be used not only for care of the scalp environment, but also for the odor of the whole body.
Easy without water. In this way, you will be able to feel the softness at any time and anywhere, and improve your feeling. Reducing discomfort with fragrance. 
  • It is a hair type powder item that arranges the hair.
  • Gives natural volume. 
  • Powder containing plant derived ingredients absorbs sebum in the extra scalp and hair. 
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