Furupuru Bath Salt Shibanban Kutsurogi Banban 60g [Floral Green] 日本FURUPURU 柴犬之汤入浴剂 (清新花香)


A bath salt developed under the supervision of a pharmaceutical manufacturer. The package features Shiba Inu character Shibanban, a Japanese-style, Japanese-style and relaxed atmosphere. Naturally produced salt promotes sweating, smoothes body movements and firms the skin. Sodium carbonate, which is also a hot spring component, prepares the skin texture, and botanical oil penetrates into the skin and gives it a firm moisture. In the package, the puppy dressed as a doctor, Muchikoro-Chan, explains how to make the most of the power of the ingredients by using the correct hot bath method. It is relaxing with aroma-like scent and has a large capacity of 60g.

■ Smooth body circulation by blending domestic natural salt (sea salt) of astringent component. Skin Kyu with natural salt!
■ Smooth skin with sodium carbonate formulation.
■ Moisturizing ingredient botanical oil blends moisturized and smooth skin.
Jojoba seed oil and pine essential oil (turpentine oil)
■ Relaxed bath time with luxurious scent.
■ Floral Green Fragrance. 


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