Furupuru Gel Cream Gorogoro Nyansuke Mt Fuji 日本Furupuru 保濕水凝乳霜 20g


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Fight the dry season, at home or on the go!
Even perfect makeup is ruined by dry skin and hair.
A very convenient moisturizing cream is now available ☆

Moist without being sticky when blended with plant-derived organic oil and plump-filled transparent cream containing collagen.
Fingertips, nail oils, make-up creams, body creams, glazes of hair tips, etc.
The bottom of the case also has a design, so it can be used as a glove compartment after use.

  • Contains three types of organic oil and collagen that moisturize. Argan oil (Argania spinosa kernel oil), coconut oil (shear oil). Jojoba seed oil, collagen (hydrolyzed collagen) The size that fits in the palm of the hand can be put in a pouch or bag and always carried.

Why don't you find your favorite from a cute design that doesn't look like cosmetics at first glance and carry it with you on the go?

日本Furupuru 保濕水凝乳霜





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