G.H.S by Yasunori Shichijo

G.H.S Blow Brush GH-104 1pc 日本G.H.S 七条庆纪 九排按摩梳 GHS-104


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  • Ideal for brushing not only blows, but also hair that is badly tangled
  • Convenient for combing hair with tangled bent pins. Unlike straight pins, you can comfortably comb the surface of your hair, reducing the burden on your hair when brushing.
  • The body of the brush is hollow. The wind of the dryer passes through the brush. The wind is evenly distributed and the time required for blow styling is shortened.
  • Easy-to-grip handle has a better thickness and an octagonal shape that fits your hand. It is a handle that keeps your hands from getting tired and keeps your shoulders free

lyonplanning G.H.S blow brush (instead pin) | DOKODEMO


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