ASTY Gabaiyoka Mens Charcoal Peeling Mask 90G 日本ASTY 男士炭黑去角质凝胶面膜


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  • The mask is of gel consistency, when it is fully dry the mask peels off the skin
  • Contains clay, charcoal to draw out dirt, sebum, dead skin cells
  • Improve skin clarity and texture
  • Cooling Menthol
  • Made in Japan

Do not to used if you have skin allergies, acne, eczema, sunburn or open sores

Apply mask on clean dry skin, leave on for about 20 mins. Touch the mask with your fingertips to see if the product has fully dried onto the skin. Peel the mask from the outside edges working your way toward the centre.
Tone & apply moisturiser afterwards.


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