GATSBY Super Hard Styling Spray Mist 塑型噴霧

  • Spray mist dries at a moderately slow speed, allowing ample time for styling. Your hairstyles will set once the mist dries up.
  • The fine mist blends evenly into your hair, fastening its hold.
  • Contains vitamins and hair-conditioning ingredients to protect your hair from dryness, split ends and hair-dryer heat.
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients that give a natural shine to your hair.
  • Fresh and light citrus fragrance 

How to Use:

Spray 15-25cm evenly and away from hair.

Grab hair at roots and gently style to create casual hair movement.

Spray at hair sections that you want to arrange and style separately.

GATSBY塑型噴霧 150g



  • 兼具定型效果的塑型噴霧
  • 細緻的霧狀噴霧,能均勻包覆髮絲
  • 抗濕氣配方,造型不易扁塌


  • 使用前請輕搖瓶身,在距離頭髮15公分處擺正噴灑
  • 噴霧未乾前,可隨心所欲調整頭髮線條及髮束感
  • 造型完成後,待噴霧自然風乾,即可持

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