Gloss & Glow Cooling Metal Pin Brush 韩国 Gloss & Glow 冷却按摩梳


Gloss & Glow Cooling Metal Pin Brush

A cooling massage comb that cools down just by touching the scalp! Premium Bristle Cooling Metal Needle Brush to calm and pamper the scalp.

  • The round, wide brush with metal balls at the round and wide ends helps massage the scalp coolly, gently without irritation.
  • Detangles wet hair gently without damage. The closely spaced metal needle brush can quickly and gently detangle tangles and wet hair without damage.
    • Made with pine material that is light with excellent durability, so it is comfortable and long-lasting without burden on the wrist. 

      韩国 Gloss & Glow 冷却按摩梳


      • 圆而宽的梳头,圆而宽的末端的金属球头有助于凉爽地按摩头皮,温和不刺激。 
      • 轻柔地整理缠结和湿发,不会损坏紧密间隔的金属针可快速温和地整理缠结和湿发,不会损坏。 
      • 弧形手柄和柔软的橡胶涂层使其重量轻,完美贴合手部的弧形手柄可最大限度地减少对手腕的刺激,柔软的橡胶涂层饰面提供舒适稳定的使用。 

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