Gloss & Glow Detangle Mini Paddle Brush (Pink) 韩国 Gloss & Glow 迷你除缠结气囊按摩梳 (粉色)


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Gloss & Glow Detangle Mini Paddle Brush

Instantly detangles wet and tangled hair without tugging! Mini size, easy to carry, can be put into a pouch or bag, easy to organize hair anytime and anywhere

  • The elastic cushion and round hair care ball help detangle hair without damaging the scalp. Round wide ball head, combing hair without irritating the scalp
  • The soft pads gently organize hair without tangling or tearing. Specially designed three-dimensional cushioning to prevent hair from getting caught between the brush's pad and bristles, so you can apply it gently and cleanly without tearing or pinching hair.
    • Mini size, it fits in your bag so you can take it anywhere!
      Small and compact size and ultra-light weight, very suitable for portable use! This is a mini brush that is easy to carry and use in school or office.
    • The ergonomically designed handle fits the shape of your hand with a firm grip!

      韩国 Gloss & Glow 迷你除缠结气囊按摩梳


      • 弹性缓冲垫和圆形头发护理球头有助于整理头发而不会损坏头皮。圆形宽球头,梳理头发不刺激头皮
      • 头发防缠结,软垫可轻柔整理头发,不会缠结或撕裂。为防止头发夹在梳的 软垫和梳齿之间而专门设计的三维立体缓冲垫,因此您可以轻柔干净地使用它,不会撕裂或夹住头发。
      • 迷你尺寸,可以放入您的包中,因此您可以随时随地使用它!
      • 符合人体工学设计的手柄,贴合您的手型,抓地力稳!

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